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  1. Winners surround themselves with winners
    • The better the quality of the organization and the people the more opportunities it will produce for you –
      1. so always look to take it to the next level – even if the cost is a stretch – the rewards will outweigh it
  2. Have a Positive belief system
    • Think positively
    • Nobody wants to be around negativity
  3. Be time efficient
    • Only participating in organizations that bring the level of participant you want to interact with
      1. E.g. – free events and inexpensive organizations sound great and can work from time to time – but overall you will be wasting time with people who do not have the reach and relationships that you need/want
    • You always want to surround yourself with more successful and more well connected professionals to drive your business higher
      1. So pay up for that expensive membership or event ticket – even if it is out of reach – the price of an event is a natural filter to the quality & equally important the commitment of the participants
      2. More successful people will have better connections
      3. They will be seasoned and educated networkers
        1. They get the idea of helping
        2. No hard direct selling of products or services
        3. Networking in its purest form of just trying to help each other
    • By only dealing with Winners, you will dramatically increase your own likelihood of success
      1. Success breeds more success
      2. The success of others is a motivator and Motivation is yet another key to your realization of your goals
  4. Time efficiency at the forefront will lead to time effectiveness
    • By only dealing with the right people – Successful people – you will now be more effective in your ultimate networking results
      1. You will meet more of the right people
      2. You will be brought quicker to bigger and better opportunities
      3. You will close more deals
  5. Fun
    • Networking should be enjoyable
      1. Choose organizations that make the networking more of an experience
      2. Your time is to valuable to not enjoy yourself
      3. The more fun it is the more successful it will be for everyone involved as positivity breeds more positivity which breeds success
        1. You are much more likely to engage subsequently with people you had a good time to begin with than people you had a bad time with at the event
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