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We Made The Huffington Post – Combining Networking & Philanthropy

By March 21, 2014February 23rd, 2017No Comments

Yes, we are in the Huffington Post now & we are just getting started.  This is an amazing validation & a true testament to the people we do it for.  The makeup of Swap The Biz is a diverse group of people all connected around the simple goal of helping.  The philanthropic endeavors of our members are beyond giving money, they give of their own time.  I often say their is no commodity more precious than your time & our members give so much of it.  I am proud to call our members friends and family.

We produce an amazing environment for collaboration and networking success that has yielded millions of dollars in closed business.  However, we could not do it without our amazing members, so thank you for being a part of Swap The Biz family.  Watch for new upcoming announcements about our ever expanding growth.  

If you haven’t taken the plunge – click here for membership.   We look forward to connecting!!

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