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  1. Time efficiency – wasting time is the worst thing we can generally!!  Time is our most limited commodity in life and certainly here in networking.  This means that we need to stop going to events that waste our time – these are the free or “inexpensive” events.  They are actually the most expensive as our results are limited.  In life you always want to surround yourself with people that can take you further.  Therefore you should actually pay up to go to that event or join that networking organization as the people you will meet are much more likely to be what you are looking for – established, high level networks, givers, successful and more.  These people will not waste your time!!
  2. Collaboration – learn to work with the people you meet and are networking with – how?? How about creating a joint speaking engagement??  You each invite 15 people to a valuable talk (marketing skills required – see below) that you create together.  Hopefully you each get 2 to 3 people to show up.  So you have 5 or 6 people in the room.  The results of this are on so many levels – you have established credibility and authority as an expert in front of your existing audience and a totally new audience of your joint collaborator!!  You can promote this through social media before surfing and after the event.  This will extend your credibility well beyond the room.
  3. Social media marketing – social media marketing can be an overnight success if you go “viral”.  This is not realistic – the reality is that it requires effort and a long hard haul.  However, the good news is that it pays off significantly over time.  The best leads are warm leads.  So start putting out content that matters to your current and would be clientele.  Over time the right clientele will start finding you as you continue to create yourself as an expert and thought leader in the space.
  4. Expert credibility – How do you achieve expert credibility in your space?  This is easier than you may think.  Even if not well done the simple repetition of delivering the idea to your existing audience (through your email distribution and social media channels) as well as new clientele (using the same tools) that you are an expert through the things you are already doing or should be doing.  Ideally you are a speaker at events, which could be events that you have created solely or ideally in collaboration with others or have even been asked to speak in front of a group or organization or conference.  Speaking equals expertise for most people.  They just assume because you are a speaker you must be an expert.  So, you need to let them know each and every time you speak and you need to speak often.
  5. Prioritizing networking – this is the one thing that everybody misses – without this – you cannot expect a serious amount of success.  To many people put networking last or worse will blow it off entirely.  Networking is the building blocks of your business.  You can feed and grow your entire business with it.  So if you are in a group – you need to be active.  You need to be immediately responsive when others reach out to you.  You need to collaborate – come up with ideas of how you can create joint events and webinars.  Support each other on social media by liking and reposting each other’s content and most of all comment!!! Get involved in the conversations online to help create the activity!! Set up meetings lots of them and multiple ones with the same people – you need to get to know each other as people first in order to help each other in business

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