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When you are at an event, do you find yourself searching for conversation?  You never know what to ask.  Are there dead spots in the conversations?   Well, look no further….

Here are ten of our top event conversation questions designed to avoid those awkward moments and help you on your road to being an expert networker.  These questions will allow you to ease into the conversation.  The examples below range from basic conversation starters to deeper more humanizing questions to really learn about the person. These questions are designed to be open ended and stir conversation in multiple potential directions.  These are just a guide, however keep them as part of your networking secret arsenal to ensure your conversation goes deeper.  So that you extract interesting and memorable details from the person you have just met so that you are now on your road to relationship development.  Having these questions prepared and at the ready will perpetuate confidence in your conversations and throughout all of your networking.

1 – Can you get over the weather today?  (This question is a perfect one to have in your arsenal for any event and any conversation as a starter or just a general question.  The weather is always changing and people love to talk about it.)

2 – What do you know about the organization hosting this event? (Simple and straightforward.)

3 – Have you tried the _______ appetizer, what do you think?  This is great when your not comfortable going up to someone and have nobody that has engaged you in a conversation.  Just head over to wherever the food is and start with this simple question.)

4 – How did you end up at this event?

5 – What else do you do for networking, besides this event?

6 – Have any interesting travel plans upcoming or have you been anywhere interesting recently?

7 – Is there any particular place that you would like to visit and why?  (This is a great alternative to the previous question.)

7 – What do you think about the recent top current event in the news? (Stay away from politics and religion.  Now if they aren’t aware you have a chance to tell them about it.)

8 – Ask them if they saw the _________ sports game last night?  (If they have, you can talk about that, if they haven’t, you can tell them about it.  Either way, this can lead you to determine if they even like sports in general.  Thus allowing you to focus in on the things that are important to them.)

9 – What else do you do for fun besides networking?  (This is a great way to get a lot of information about their hobbies.)

10 – What has been your worst networking experience?  What happened and why?

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