Swap The Biz™

Networking Made Fun!!!

Swap The Biz is an invite only business networking community
connecting you socially through our fun & unique events. The result is business!



Morning Referral Teams

Industry Exclusivity
Average of 15 – 30 Participants Per Group
Member Presentation Opportunities
Rotating Event Formats
Small Group Business Breakout Team Building
Interactive Social Exercises
NYC, NJ, Long Island, Westchester & More Locations Coming


Business Success Stories

$100,000 Success Story
Life Changing Events
High Level Connections
Power Networking
Deals Get Done!!
Relationship To Friendship Establishes Trust!
NYC, NJ, Long Island, Rockland, Westchester & More Locations Coming



Swap the Biz has given my company exposure to other highly successful business professionals with similar philosophies and goals. This has led to the development of many great relationships and business opportunities.

Brad M. Gilden - PT, DPT, CFMT, FAAOMPT, CSCS -President, IPA Clinic for Advanced Physical Therapy | Concierge Member

Which would you rather do, sit around a table listening to "Thank You's" every week, or engage in meaningful conversations with people you have built relationships with while enjoying a comedian, magician or fashion show? Do you want to refer business to those because you have to, or to those you want to? Swap the Biz provides a forum for you to accomplish your networking business goals while having fun."

Harris Love - Partner & Executive Vice President, Bottom Line Concepts, LLC | Concierge Member, Swap The Biz

Scott & Deborah Eisenberg bring networking to a whole new level. Everyone gives lip service to 'building relationships' - their approach truly celebrates the relationship first as a foundation, which then leads to building business second. People prefer doing business with people they connect with… it’s that simple!

Bob Henry - Principal, Robert D. Henry Architects | Concierge Member

Membership Information

$ $

Per Month
  • Category Exclusive Monthly Networking Referral Team One Person Per Profession = No Competition
  • Speaking Opportunities Presentation Opportunity(s) In Front Of Your Business Referral Team
  • 9 Guest Passes – ($855 Value) Clients, prospects, employees, etc. – Get valuable face time (previous attendees excluded)
  •          Business Growth     Learn directly from other members how they are building success here!
  • Event Substitutes (Can’t make it? Substitute a partner, employee or client)
  • Member Success Blueprint (Our best practices guide for your success)
  • Networking Tailored To Fit You Personal check-in meetings with your team leader to keep you on our success blueprint!!
  • VIP Community Access (Connect with your team members through our private online community!)
  • Sponsorship Discount
  • *Annual $150 Processing Fee Waived For 1st Year


$ 209

Per Month
  • 20% Discount
  • *Paid Annually – Quarterly Payment Options Available
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$ 209

Per Month
  • Category Exclusive Monthly Networking Referral Team
    (One Person Per Profession = No Competition)
  • Speaking Opportunities
    (Present In Front Of Your Business Referral Team As The Focused Speaker)
  • Guest Passes
    – 10 Annually ($950 Value) Clients, prospects, employees, etc. – Get Valuable Face Time
    (previous attendees excluded)
  • Member Success Blueprint
    (Use our best practices guide for your success)
  • Business Growth
    (Learn from other members how to build your business here)
  • Event Substitutes
    (Can’t Make It? Substitute a Partner, Employee or Client)
  • Networking Tailored To Fit You
    (Personal check-in meetings with your team leader to keep you on our success blueprint)
  • VIP Team Access
    (Connect with fellow team members through our private online community)
  • 20% Sponsorship Discount
  • *Paid Annually – Quarterly Payment Options Available
  • *Annual $150 Processing Fee
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