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Deborah Eisenberg, President of Swap The BizHi, I’m Deborah Eisenberg and I am the President and event hostess for Swap The Biz. More importantly, I am the CFO, Chief Family Officer, bringing up our four children. My journey into the world of networking began early on in my career while working in advertising sales and thereafter in pharmaceutical sales at Pfizer. I always found myself naturally at the center of connecting people both socially and in business.

When Scott decided to launch Swap The Biz, I always knew it would be great.  However, I have even been amazed by the success.  The relationships that have formed and the numerous new friendships that have been built. It has been an amazing thing to take part in.

It has been a pleasure to host these events and enrich the attendees experiences by making them truly feel comfortable from the moment they enter our events to the moment they leave. I truly appreciate the rewarding feeling I get from facilitating these relationships. This is not a job for me – this is fun!!!

“Deborah is the glue that really brings our members together. She is typically the first person you see at an event as she warmly welcomes you inside, and she is usually the last person you speak to when you leave. Deborah has come out of retirement to really make her mark in networking.”  Scott Eisenberg, Founder & CEO