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In the Spring of 2010, Scott Eisenberg attended a few networking events in New York City but was unimpressed with the landscape. He thought the people holding the events were just filling a void, but not wowing the audience. With his roots in the world of NYC nightlife, he knew he could do better. So, that is exactly what he did.

Swap The Biz was born in the fall of 2010. The response was immediate. Swap The Biz events were bigger and better than anything out there and the reputation began to spread rapidly with each succeeding event. Swap The Biz events are now well-known for the high-quality level of the events and the attendees as well as their unique social focus for the purpose of business.  Additionally, Swap The Biz events are known for their meticulous organization, the focus on relationship development by accelerating the connections and utilizing your time more effectively and the enormous amount of business referrals and meetings that have transpired.

Scott and his team continue to work hard to grow the company in multiple directions to benefit all members. One direction is to create more breakfast networking referral teams, an actual member success blueprint with best networking practices and a road map to success complete with progress check-in meetings with your team leader, also a suite of small business tools and an eventual experiential trade show…..all forthcoming. Please look out for these and other innovations coming soon.