Swap The Biz is a private invite only community that is a family. We attract like minded, successful professionals that share the same ideals.  Our core values are to keep all business in our family and to treat each other with respect.  We focus on high level connections and utilizing your time efficiently and effectively to get deals done and grow your business.  Below are our expectations.

Success Requirements

  • Members must endeavor to make all of their breakfast group meetings.
  • Members aspire to have at least 1-2 in person meetings with members per week.
    • Get to know each other to build friendship and therefore trust.
    • Be a connector and find specific opportunities for use of each other member’s service or product.
      • Give introductions to appropriate centers of influence/referral sources.
      • Collaboration – E.g. Joint events, online through social media, sharing audience and credibility.
      • Members continually take meetings with members to find new ways to collaborate and move the relationship forward.
      • Our purpose is to form a strong long term friendship that results in trust and allows the referrals to flow.
      • Introduce each other to potential referral sources (using the guide from our rosters) and when available clients.
      • Focus on building out your breakfast group by bringing guests that add value!
      • Swap The Biz members never hard sell each other.

      Referrals & Accountability

      • Referrals are given in multiple ways:
        • Member’s use of other member’s services/products.
        • Direct opportunities that other members introduce you to for use of your services or product.
        • Introductions to centers of influence and referral sources
        • Member collaboration through things such as joint events and social media..
      • Referrals from members should always garner immediate attention and follow up should be a top priority.
      • Referrals are to be given to the member in the group that maintains exclusivity in that category in the group.
      • This is a family and our purpose is to bring all of our referral opportunities to our members to ensure each other’s success.
      • Members are accountable and work together whenever possible to collaborate and create opportunities.
      • Members prioritize Swap The Biz relationships over all other networking relationships.
      • Members are loyal to other members of their group first and foremost.
      • Members will strive to provide their best work to Swap The Biz referrals and will always do their utmost to ensure customer satisfaction to guarantee the referring member’s reputation is preserved.
      • Members will not market any business that conflicts with the category of a member at that member’s breakfast group.


      • Members enjoy a special reputation in the business community – for the amazing strength of the relationships created and the success, size and continuity of the referrals given as well as the high level of satisfaction for the work done.
      • Swap The Biz membership is a privilege and not a right.

      Invited Guests

      • Guests are thoroughly thought about and should bring value – i.e. are givers, have an established network, are likely to commit to our community and are someone you would want to spend more of your valuable time with.

      Our Events

      • Respect Everyone’s Time
        • Arrive at 8:30am and sit down is at 9:00am prompt, please get your coffee in advance so we can finish timely.
        • During an interactive exercise (ice breaker) – no long winded elevator pitches or answers – keep it succinct.
      • Presentations
        • 7-8 minutes including q & a – practice and time it in advance.
      • Speakers
        • If a team leader or member has the floor – please don’t have side conversations or whisper as it is distracting and can be taken as disrespectful.


      • Members are loyal and will always think about how they can help other members find more business opportunities.
      • Members shall not solicit other Swap The Biz members to join other category exclusive business networking groups.
      • Members that do not follow any of the above loyalty guidelines endanger their own success and the success of their group.